Product Launch – Opinyin A.I.

Product Launch:

Opinyin A.I.

About Opinyin

Opinyin is a disruptive, and affordable AI based SaaS solution that analyses customer feedback and automatically measures customer experience for its users. Opinyin had recently launched their native integration App on the Freshworks marketplace and needed to increase awareness amongst the user base.


Opinyin needed to generate leads immediately, but they didn’t have the budget or knowledge to identify and engage prospects manually themselves. This is where Growthmetrix offered a helping hand.

"Growthmetrix's advice in terms of engagement strategies and website messaging was invaluable in aligning everything towards our objective of growing our business."

- Rob Lancashire, Opinyin MD


We helped Opinyin design and run a campaign with the objective of continuously generating highly relevant Sales Leads to be engaged and converted into paying users of the app.


Campaign Workshop 

We analysed competitor's clients and matched those with the responsibilities, needs and seniority of decision makers within target organisations. This hyper-focused profile allowed us to target those most likely to buy.

We also helped Opinyin in writing their messaging by using our unique framework to refine their copy with a focus on their key value proposition, devising a new company slogan in the process; ‘Give your Customer Service Team CSAT superpowers’.


Audience Research 

Opinyin needed their campaign to focus on current users of Freshworks. We utilised our unique tools to research and build an enriched list of targeted prospects that aligned not only with the laser-focused avatar created during the workshop but that we also knew for a fact used Freshworks, based on analysis of the code present within the prospects’ websites.


Outbound Engagement

Combining the messaging designed in the workshop with the list of enriched prospects we’d researched and built, we used our unique digital tools to make direct contact with key decision makers. By engaging individuals that we knew had the facility and need for CX automation before making contact, we instantly began to generate sales leads for Opinyin.


Performance Insights 

As the campaign ran we began focusing on closing the loop, by using performance data to continuously report on and improve our activity. We used A/B testing for the outbound messaging to identify which versions generated more sales leads and then applied the most successful format to all subsequent engagements, maximising the lead generation potential using data insights.

Opinyin's Sales Pipeline

Expectations exceeded and continue to enhance 

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