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About Knight IT Group

Knight IT Group is a Managed Service Provider focused on empowering end-users to be as productive and successful as they can be in their modern workspace. 

Established in 2014, they provide a wide range of technological solutions including a 'Boundless Support' managed service offering, complete cloud set-up and integration as well as advanced field project management software. 


Knight IT had been active for 6 years and had historically relied heavily on contracts the same set of clients. With the need to expand there few internal processes or resources in place to generate leads. Growthmetrix consulted with Knight IT to build an in-house digital sales process by:

  • Overcoming reliance on the same clients by identifying new audiences to approach. 
  • Streamlining new go-to-market messaging and copy with a focus on key value propositions
  • Creating internal processes to engage decision makers directly to acquire new customers quickly with limited resources. 

“We'd really fallen into a rut, we lacked the resources and processes internally to generate new customers. Growthmetrix helped us develop the tools and processes we needed to source new clients for ourselves simply” 

- Stuart Kenny, Knight IT, CEO


Knight IT's bottom line had become reliant on the same set of established recurring customers taking focus away from lead generation and sales. The Growthmetrix team supported them in creating an extensive digital lead generation model to generate new customers completely in-house in order to expand. 


Campaign Workshop 

With a reliance on a set of recurring customers for their bottom-line, internally there were few processes in place within Knight IT to identify new audiences. With aspirations of expansion, they were struggling to identify the types of new buyers their service offering would appeal to the most.

We invited Knight IT to a series of campaign workshops in which we identified the attributes of their most successful current clients and analysed their competitor's clientele as well. We determined a target audience avatar and focused their campaign on the Facilities Management, Automotive and Transport industries as ideal audiences to their proposition. 

Sessions with the team also produced a complete 6-month SEO keyword strategy, that would be used for website copy and campaign messaging. 


Audience and Messaging

With a stronger focus on a definitive audience and a set of buyer personas constructed during our workshops, Knight IT had created search parameters to discover ideal prospects. Our team then introduced Knight IT to a series of digital tools and processes to build targeted directories of decision making individuals for their campaign to engage. 

With an audience identified, Growthmetrix also helped define Knight IT's overall messaging by constructing a value proposition and slogan to guide the approach of the campaign with a focus on the empowerment of IT end-users as their 'why':

 "By giving users the support, security and productivity they need to succeed, Knight IT deliver services and technology that drives your business forward."


Outbound Engagement

With a specific target audience identified, a list of prospects created and a focused approach to messaging, Knight IT were now ready to outreach and engage with their ideal audience on a one-to-one basis to generate leads and win new customers. 

Knight IT didn’t have the resources or processes to deliver such a hyper focused campaign in-house, so the Growthmetrix team guided and coached them in building an internal process and using tools to create a completely integrated multi-channel campaign that engaged with prospects via LinkedIn Outreach, E-mail marketing and telephone marketing. 

Under our Team's guidance, Knight IT now had the ability to to gain new customer completely in-house. 


Performance Insights 

With a distinct sales processes having fallen by the wayside internally owing to the reliance on the same set of customers, Knight IT didn't have any tools or processes in place for continuously monitoring the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

The Growthmetrix team assisted in developing a suite of reporting methods by introducing tools that would enable Knight IT to track and measure KPIs on all campaign channels integrated to a singular dashboard. This dashboard included insights on SEO PPC on multiple search engines, LinkedIn Outreach, E-shot and Telephone performance. 

Using the insights from these now extensive reports Knight IT were now able to make continuous alterations and tweaks to maximise their campaign’s effectiveness and continuously improve. 

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