Growthmetrix helps you to effortlessly engage new business.

Working with you to find ideal clients and engage decision makers in those businesses.

Why Growthmetrix?

Our clients chose us to build campaigns that deliver relevant new business enquiries and replace expensive cold-calling. Growthmetrix approaches sales in a data driven way that is both logical and hyper-targeted to reduce the time spent removing inappropriate sales enquiries. 

Our blend of insights and technology targets your ideal clients, supporting and sometimes altogether replacing more scatter-gun marketing disciplines. 

We track your real cost of customer acquisition, giving start-ups the confidence to know when to take on that crucial first sales person and more established business can better utilise their trained sales team at converting enquiries into valued clients.

Suited arm of a business development executives holds white blocks up to a yellow background making the shape of steps. A black arrow points up the steps towards a lightbulb signifying the 10 steps towards a start up sales plan

How to create a Sales Campaign Plan for your start up business [in 10 easy steps]

So, you’ve now started up your shiny new business (probably SaaS). You’ve doubtless developed, tested and refined your service/product on a few black-book contacts and you’re now feeling ready to go out into the big wide world and start getting some customers. Good for you! The only problem standing in the way of that gleaming pot

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Consultation Services – Knight IT Group

Read about how Knight IT transformed their new business pipeline with support from Growthmetrix.

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Start Up Campaign – Contactless Donations

Read how Contactless Donations disrupted the charity world with their affordable subscriptions based cash replacement technology .

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Meet The Team

campaign Director

Jonnie Davis
  • A practical, evidence-driven growth specialist with a track record of quickly creating growth in crowded markets. Jonnie has an unabashed passion for useful technologies. 

market researcher

Darlow Thomas
  • A detail focussed Business Analyst with a passion for research and finding the value in data. Growthmetrix offers the opportunity to learn and improve my craft.  Delivering valuable insights on markets and channels.