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Contactless Donations

About Contactless Donations

Contactless Donations is a brand new, charity-tech startup.  They enable charities and not-for-profit organisations to future-proof their fundraising and boost donations with affordable and simple to use contactless fundraising technologies.


As a start-up venture, Contactless Donations needed to:

  • Establish their brand and build reputation
  • Build up a network of relevant contacts within the charity sector 
  • Engage decision makers directly to acquire new customers, quickly and with limited resources

“Without Growthmetrix, we would have struggled. They took time to understand our needs in detail and built us a cost effective and hassle-free solution” 

- Phil Armstrong, Contactless Donations, MD


We helped Contactless Donations design and run a campaign with the objective of continuously generating highly relevant Sales Leads to be engaged and converted into paying users of their contactless bundle.


Campaign Workshop 

To raise awareness of their solution, Contactless Donations needed to pinpoint an ideal audience. During the campaign workshop we agreed profiles for both the organisations individuals to be targeted.

With the help of the Charity Commission public dataset and specialist research tools we found an audience of 18,000 senior executives with fundraising responsibilities and selected the top 2,000 who most accurately matched the ideal profile.



As a newly launched service, Contactless Donations were yet to refine their go to market messaging.  Working closely with the team, Growthmetrix interviewed a sample of contacts from the audience list and their responses underpinned the go-to-market strategy and ongoing value proposition.  With this in mind we reduced their service proposition down to:

“Enabling charities and non-profit organisations to boost their fundraising efforts with affordable and easy to use contactless donations”


Outbound Engagement

Contactless Donations were looking to outreach and engage on a one-to-one basis with their ideal audience to both maximise the opportunity for referral and gauge the level of interest. They didn’t have the resources to deliver such a hyper focused campaign. The Growthmetrix team designed and built a completely integrated multi-channel campaign focused around a single CRM. 

The engagement campaign was advanced enough to connect with key decision makers on LinkedIn, share information about the Contactless Donation bundles with them and then follow-up with further information directly to their email inbox at scale.


Performance Insights 

To monitor the progress of the campaign, Growthmetrix produce in-depth reports, breaking down the metrics and KPIs in granular detail every week. Using the insights from our extensive reports in order to make continuous alterations and tweaks to maximise the campaign’s effectiveness. 

Our reports for Contactless Donations combined the performance metrics from numerous channels into a singular overall dashboard. Enabling Contactless Donations to view the performance of the entire multi-channel campaign at a glance. 

Contactless Donation's Sales Pipeline within the first month

Expectations exceeded

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