Want to effortlessly generate sales leads for your start-up or growing small business?

Boost your pipelines with next generation digital sales

Fuse unique go-to-market strategies with digital sales technologies that win new business

Engage prospects relevant to your business

Qualify and rate your ideal buyers ensuring you invest your time in real opportunities

Drive down the cost of winning new clients

Save time on uncomfortable and unwelcome cold calls by engaging prospects who are ready to buy. 


Four stages to building your sustainable growth engine



Campaign Design 

Workshop Campaign

Collaborate with our team to pinpoint your ideal audience, define why they need you and watch them design your ideal campaign.



Audience Research

Targeted Prospects

Uncover a hidden world of decision makers that want to speak with you. Our cutting-edge research tools deliver you an enriched list of targeted contacts.



Outbound Engagement

Campaign Delivery

Merge a new class of technology with proven sales approaches to grow your network and engage with new businesses that need your help.



Performance Insights  

Reporting & Enhancement

Analyse successes to continuously improve the effectiveness of your campaign using our in-depth insights and reporting service

February 2021 - Client Campaign Metrics


3x more effective than cold-calling


80% time saved vs. generic enquiries


4 x cheaper than PPC

What customers are saying...

Rob Lancashire


Opinyin AI

Working with the Growthmetrix team, I’ve been able to engage directly with key decision makers for clients we’d previously only dreamed of. I’ve saved months of sales activity and prospecting as the enquiries simply drop into my inbox in the morning. I don’t know what we would have done without you guys. Thanks team! read more...

Phil Armstrong

Sales Director

Contactless Donations

I was a bit sceptical at the beginning but we weren't attracting the right customers by waiting for leads to drop in our inbox. Jonnie's positivity, humour and enthusiasm is infectious and once we saw the answers were in our own data it was like turning on the growth switch!  

Stuart Kenny


Knight IT Group

Simply put, if we hadn't used Growthmetrix, we wouldn't still be trading. We'd become very reliant on a small pool of customers, when it came time to expand we didn't have the processes in place to generate new customers. The Growthmetrix team introduced us to tools, resources and processes that we now use to generate new customers completely in-house.